About this blog

Hello! Salaam!

What’s your project about? Why are you doing it? 

I’m traveling for about a month throughout northwestern Iran, taking photos and documenting the people, landscapes, architecture, cities, food, and life all around me. A lot of people I’ve talked to think of Iran as a desert–just another country in the Middle East, with nothing in particular to offer the world.

The reality of Iran is very different. Rich colors, flavors, stories, beautiful landscapes, ancient Islamic architecture, lively cities, poetry, art, music, and incredible food are just a small sampling of all Iran has to offer. I hope to bring a fresh look of this amazing country and its culture to the Western narrative, contributing to the efforts of many photographers and writers who have begun to change the story of Iran. 

Thank you for stopping by! Mamnoon!

Hedyeh // هدیه



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